Who is Buying DPREVIEW? Sony Charges for Firmware, LEAKED Cameras + Lenses!

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Tony Northrup brings you the latest photography and camera news. First, after 25 YEARS, Imaging Resource disappeared from the Internet - Tony digs into the history and finds who bought it and deleted it so you can contact them and beg for them to return it.

Sony photographers are VERY angry that Sony isn't issuing firmware updates for their flagship cameras, including the a7S III and a1. The issue is that newer, lower-end cameras such as the ZV-E1 have features that those cameras lack, such as anamorphic desqueezing, product showcase, and more. A rumor from http://sonyalpharumors.com indicates that Sony may be CHARGING people to add those lower-end features to their top-end cameras, and people are pretty mad about it!

There's also a rumor that someone inside of DPReview is buying it. This makes some sense because DPreview didn't shut down earlier this month when it was supposed to.

We also have a new leaked telephoto lens that will be included in the iPhone 15 Pro Max (but reportedly not the standard iPhone 15 Pro) - it telescopes, pretty much exactly like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra & S23 Ultra. There's also a new ultra-wide RF-S lens from Canon coming and leaked images of the exciting new 60 megapixel Leica Q3.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Squarespace Promo
1:04 Imaging Resource is gone
5:16 Sony’s charging for firmware updates
9:34 Who is buying DPReview?
10:47 Leaked iPhone Telephoto Lens
12:06 Leaked Canon wide angle RF-S lens
12:57 Leaked Leica Q3
15:09 Squarespace Promo

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