Hurricane Lee UPDATE: Forecast Cat 5 but Two Possible Scenarios | AccuWeather

Lee will become a hurricane at 5 PM EDT Wednesday and will continue to rapidly intensify, turning into a Category 5 hurricane over the weekend. Will it affect the U.S. East Coast? AccuWeather Chief Video Meteorologist Bernie Rayno says there are two scenarios. #hurricane #lee #forecast #extremeweather 


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Lee will become a Major Hurricane then start to make a Curve…

Within hours, Tropical Storm Lee will be classified, and then it will become Major Hurricane Lee late this week. This will be a powerful system as it approaches the Caribbean. As it nears the Northeast Caribbean (Antigua & Barbuda), it will curve more to the northwest. This is good! 

If the current forecast holds, this would put Hurricane Lee at a safe distance from the Northeast Caribbean. The hurricane conditions and tropical storm conditions would stay to the north! My promise to you is that I will watch out for any changes. Please stay on high alert from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, through Dominica and Martinique. If this shifts closer, I'll let you know right away.

Long-term, interests in Bermuda, the Mid-Atlantic & New England (USA) and the Atlantic Region of Canada (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland), should monitor this system. If this gets close to Bermuda, it would be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

A lot changes with the weather, so I will take you step-by-step with any updates! Thank you for sharing this channel for awareness. - Brian

Repairing a BIG Mining Truck Cylinder Barrel | Part 2 | Honing & Machining

We’re getting this barrel finished and honing the ID to size! This video is part 2 of a job to repair a big mining truck cylinder barrel. In this Part 2 we show step by step to complete the repair of this cylinder barrel. First we machine the face of the barrel head flange before machining the entire OD of the barrel down to size. Then we use our Sunnen HTA-4100 horizontal honing machine to hone the ID of the barrel to size before fitting and welding the barrel end on to complete the job.

MISSED PART 1?? Watch it here:
Unboxing & Install Sunnen HTA-4100 Honing Machine:

In this video we are using: 
- Hafco TM-26120G Centre Lathe 
- Sunnen HTA-4100 Horizontal tube hone
- WIA 500i Weldmatic welder

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Sony a7C II & a7CR Review: What is Sony up to?

Review of the Sony a7C II and a7C R cameras as well as the 16-35mm GM II lens.
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Review of the Sony a7C II and a7C R cameras as well as the 16-35mm GM II lens.

Table of Contents:
0:00 - Intro & Disclosure
1:49 - Familiar Sensors
3:23 - Build & Ergonomics
5:43 - Improvements
6:27 - Stabilization
7:14 - Burst Rate
7:40 - Software Features
8:49 - No 8K
9:42 - Overheating & Battery
12:48 - Webcam & Streaming
14:58 - Overheating Continued
15:59 - Cameras Summary
17:59 - 16-35mm GM II Lens
19:15 - Build & Features
21:16 - Image Quality
22:47 - Close Focusing
23:14 - Focus Breathing
23:45 - Final Thoughts

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IR controlled concert LED wristband

Since the Xyloband was used on Coldplay concerts in 2012, the use of interactive audience illumination gadgets has become common in the entertainment industry.

Update.  I tried a set of new AAA cells in the unit, hoping for a self test sequence, but it stayed unlit.  It needs to see the correct IR codes to operate.

This unit is a Pixmob band that can be given a specific identification code and is controlled by high power infrared floodlights in the lighting rig that transmit control data when triggered by the lighting desk.

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