Even WORSE News For Nvidia Owners!

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AMD's about to eat Nvidia's lunch, Intel's 14th Gen CPUs are dead on arrival, a new GPU competitor just got something big and RDNA 3 is complete! Stay tuned...

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0:00 Intro
0:16 RDNA 3 Is Finished
1:41 New GPU Competitor Gets Big Update
3:46 14th Gen Is Dead On Arrival
5:12 Terrible News For Nvidia Owners



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Is this the Worst £700 I’ve ever spent!?

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Apple Just Made the Worst Headphones

Apple's new Beats Studio Pro released to universal acclaim. I don't get it. They're not good.

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Quinn reviews the new Apple Beats by Dre Studio Pro headphones. Competing against the best wireless headphones on price, these really have quite a bit of strong competition. Do they measure up? Spoiler alert: no. Sure, they're cheaper than the AirPods Max, but did you know that a feather is lighter than a rock? Is anyone surprised by this novel piece of information?

Apple Watch Series 9 & Apple Watch Ultra 2! New Features Revealed!

As we get close to Apple's event in September, here are all the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2! Do you think there is anything Apple has kept secret or are you waiting for the Apple Watch X in 2024?!

Read more: https://appleinsider.com/inside/apple-watch-series-9

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:26 What's new in Apple Watch Series 9
2:43 New Apple Bands?
3:50 Apple Watch Ultra 2
4:22 Apple Watch X?

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¡La última hora sobre los iPhone 15! Características, lanzamiento, precio y más

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Quedan pocas semanas para el esperado lanzamiento de la nueva generación de iPhone, incluyendo el nuevo iPhone 15 Ultra. En este video repasamos absolutamente todo lo que se sabe hasta ahora sobre los próximos iPhone 15 y iPhone 15 Ultra, incluyendo diseño, tamaños, cámaras, chip A17 y mucho más. Repasamos todos los leaks y rumores más confiables para que conozcas al detalle todos los cambios que vienen en los iPhone 15 antes de su lanzamiento oficial. Si eres fan de Apple, no te puedes perder este resumen completo.

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Testing one of the oldest Internet myths

Bird beats Internet. Or does it? It hasn't been tested since 2009!

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00:00 - Never underestimate bandwidth
01:22 - South Africa, 2009
01:45 - Homing Pigeon 101
03:09 - Time To Transfer
03:59 - Flight!
04:58 - Pigeon transfer speed
05:34 - I am become pigeon, transferer of data
07:17 - Flight to Canada
08:14 - Results
08:46 - Pigeon Data Transfer Equation
09:29 - Risks and problems - IPoAC

【發佈前最終整理】iPhone15 10大變化 & 看點!|大耳朵TV

#iPhone15 #iPhone #蘋果

00:00 intro
00:36 機型
01:04 iPhone15 Ultra
02:55 依然沒有mimi
04:32 設計
04:48 Pro採用鈦合金
05:58 玻璃面板
06:29 《庫克的覺醒》
07:22 屏幕邊框
07:51 一起靈動島
08:53 顏色
10:15 側邊按鈕
10:42 Ultra獨家潛望式鏡頭
14:27 全部搭載4800萬主攝像頭
14:55 USB-C的優點
16:06 A17仿生芯片
16:37 電池容量增加
17:05 價格
17:22 《庫克和他的三根數據線》
18:46 結尾曲 Peaks & Valleys - Heartstop


M1 Max MacBook Pro 16
iPad Pro 12.9 2022
iPhone14 Pro Max
索尼 ECM-W2BT 無線麥克風
二手 特斯拉 Model 3 LR 2020