Lee will become a Major Hurricane then start to make a Curve…

Within hours, Tropical Storm Lee will be classified, and then it will become Major Hurricane Lee late this week. This will be a powerful system as it approaches the Caribbean. As it nears the Northeast Caribbean (Antigua & Barbuda), it will curve more to the northwest. This is good! 

If the current forecast holds, this would put Hurricane Lee at a safe distance from the Northeast Caribbean. The hurricane conditions and tropical storm conditions would stay to the north! My promise to you is that I will watch out for any changes. Please stay on high alert from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, through Dominica and Martinique. If this shifts closer, I'll let you know right away.

Long-term, interests in Bermuda, the Mid-Atlantic & New England (USA) and the Atlantic Region of Canada (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland), should monitor this system. If this gets close to Bermuda, it would be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

A lot changes with the weather, so I will take you step-by-step with any updates! Thank you for sharing this channel for awareness. - Brian

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