Zach Got Banned From The Lego Store – Off The Rails #74

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0:00 Intro
4:00 What did the Crew do during Break
9:50 Teddy Fresh Drop
10:30 Viewer-Made Animation
22:00 Did AB Stage Another Video?
47:30 Ethan Kicks The Bathroom Door Down 
54:30 Zach's Lego Segment
1:30:43 Yung Gravy Broke His Arms
1:37:03 Aba & Preach Recap
2:27:27 James Charles Is Back in The News...
2:28:30 Police Get Swarmed By Bees 
2:39:33 Diablo 4 Talk
2:46:00 Is Ethan in New Lawsuit?
2:53:20 Crazy Brittney Spears Conspiracy Theory
3:01:33 The Bad Side of ChatGPT

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