Worst DEATH TRAPS imaginable (Top 3 Places Pt. 35) (*WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT*)

Time Stamps:
#3 -- "The Moulding Room” -- 0:56 -- One fateful mistake has devastating consequences.
#2 -- "Inconspicuous” -- 6:58 -- A chilling discovery in an unassuming place.
#1 -- "Earworm” -- 17:25 -- Whatever you do, DON'T sing this song.

This is Part 35 of the series: "Top 3 places you CAN'T GO & people who went anyways..." full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiOyKVcDODo&list=PLgRgJrlop--N6CvmlUJ0nEwR_hasZvA6m

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For educational, documentary and entertainment purposes only. Based on actual events.  The authoritative sources used for this story include interviews, newspaper articles, and TV news reporting meant to educate and memorialize notable cases in our history.

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