Wild Dogs Get Revenge on Leopard that Caught a Puppy

A leopard catches a wild dog puppy and subsequently endures an hour-long confrontation with the rest of the pack, who are seeking revenge. 
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Stu Porter, photographic guide and owner of @Wild4safaris (https://www.wild4photographicsafaris.com) was able to capture the scene on camera and shared the story and footage with LatestSightings.com:

"We were on our final day of safari in the Savuti region of Chobe National Park, Botswana, when we were en route to the airstrip. We were aware of an active wild dog den in the area, so we decided to visit and observe the dogs one final time."

"Upon our arrival, the dogs appeared calm and idle. The leading female, along with the remaining pack, seemed as if they had just completed a meal. One dog, in particular, piqued our interest as it persistently gazed up into a tree."

"That's when we spotted it. A leopard! Our hypothesis was that the leopard had inadvertently found the den while the pack was out hunting and managed to take down one of the puppies. The leading female then pursued the leopard up the tree, detaining him there until the rest of the pack returned."

Leopards are known to go after wild dog pups whenever possible, aiming to eliminate any competition for food resources. Similarly, wild dogs will not hesitate to challenge a leopard.

"The leopard was visibly anxious and overwhelmed, encircled by the dogs. He waited for a lapse in their attention to make a move, then leapt from the tree. The dogs were agile and drove him back up the tree. He made another escape attempt, only to be driven up a different tree."

"At last, he mustered enough bravery to attempt an escape, making his way down the tree once more. This time, the dogs managed to encircle him and commenced antagonizing and nipping at him. He lay on his back, visibly distressed. The leopard then adopted a very submissive posture, prompting the dogs to hold off, provided he remained still."

"In the end, the leopard successfully made a full escape and sought refuge in a nearby thicket. The dogs were unable to reach him, thus saving him. For a brief period, we feared that the leopard would not survive. To our astonishment, he managed to escape with minimal injuries.

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