What The Heck Was Asus Express Gate?

If you owned an Asus motherboard or laptop in the late 2000s, you may be entitled to compensation.

00:00 Intro
02:00 Going in blind
03:58 What is Splashtop?
06:51 Software overview
18:21 The contemporary experience
22:50 Marketing failures
26:17 What about laptops?
30:09 ExpressGate on EeePC
32:35 How did the motherboard work?
37:35 How did the laptops work?
40:51 Can you mod it? (Yes)
41:35 Express Gate in summary
42:58 Lenovo w/ Splashtop
44:12 Lenovo w/ Splashtop 2.0
49:35 HP w/ Splashtop
51:40 Splashtop In Review
54:02 Teaser
54:45 Outro

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