Week at home, Van Cleef Unboxing and New Furniture | Tamara Kalinic

In This Video: Spend a day in Milan with me and see my unpack some new items that will be handy for upcoming fashion weeks. Let me know in comments what is your favourite. 

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Knit - https://bit.ly/3WpGttF
Pants- https://bit.ly/3hazjKR
Slippers- https://bit.ly/3ii8og1


Manuri trousers- https://bit.ly/3D5oKjF
BOLD hoodie 
Chanel XXL Bag- https://bit.ly/3W5x9uD
Trainers- https://bit.ly/3e5Sioe

Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra bracelet 1- https://bit.ly/3Wu7L1w
Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra bracelet 2- https://bit.ly/3D6Y7Lc

Coat- https://bit.ly/3WnxGaV
Face Cream- https://bit.ly/3D3XiD9
Hair Ties- https://bit.ly/3Wp4Tmp
Magda Butrym dress- https://bit.ly/3Qmqtqa
Christopher Esber black dress- https://bit.ly/3GXntML
Christopher Esber white Dress - https://bit.ly/3Wg2zP6
Saint Laurent blazer- https://bit.ly/3huBsAS
Magda Butrym body- https://bit.ly/3QVzS8w
Trousers- https://bit.ly/3H0PBi0
Gloves- https://bit.ly/3VUsHyp

Mug- https://bit.ly/3XWKZ4r
The Line inserts- https://bit.ly/3XZFfH8
Agenda- https://bit.ly/3XPtNNb
Ceramic vase- https://bit.ly/3XvxoQH
Breast vase- https://bit.ly/3ZSlWAk
Candle- https://bit.ly/3XvALXQ
Diffuser- https://bit.ly/3HjDf61

Saint Laurent AirPod case- https://bit.ly/3GifrPt
Apple AirPods Max- https://bit.ly/3w5rLg1

Ole Lynggaard Shooting Star- https://bit.ly/3WokZxX
Missoma Icons- https://c.klar.na/al/8AfO/
Maria Tash earring- https://bit.ly/3WqT9kq
Ole Lynggaard Elephant Necklace- https://bit.ly/3zqTw3m
Cartier Love Bracelet- https://bit.ly/3UMDafT
Cartier Love Diamond Bracelet- https://bit.ly/3ERlTc7
Monica Vinader Earrings- https://c.klar.na/al/7eOx/
Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet- https://bit.ly/3LRfx1N
Cartier Clash bracelet- https://bit.ly/3d9ch4H
Cartier Juste un Clou Ring- https://apprl.com/al/7svT/ 

Summer Fridays lip balm-  https://bit.ly/3WfX96s
La Mer skin lotion- https://bit.ly/3hrnY96
La Mer body cream - https://bit.ly/3vamjbo
La Mer body oil- https://bit.ly/3kxS38n
Emma Lewisham Supernatural- https://bit.ly/3D3XiD9

Lip Liner- https://bit.ly/3UlXRhR
Lipgloss- https://bit.ly/3THxnHI
Face Cream- https://bit.ly/3CewGzg
Foundation- https://bit.ly/3Tx4D4m
Brushes and sponge- https://bit.ly/3ETyDml
Brow gel- https://bit.ly/3CNd44k
Bronzer- https://bit.ly/3Dap9ll
Eye palette- https://bit.ly/3gbmWxc
Stylo Eyeliner- https://bit.ly/3h89c3t
Blush- https://bit.ly/3yWZKcn
Setting Powder- https://bit.ly/3CLB2Nd
Mascara- https://bit.ly/3TfHhjs
Highlighter- https://bit.ly/3MIElt0

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Tamara xo

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