VLOG: am I actually an introvert afterall?

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0:00 good morning happy you're here
1:10 I GOTTA tidy
1:56 updates from the house!
5:04 snack haul
8:02 this amazon experiment did not disappoint
9:25 time to pack
10:23 trying to master the slicked pony? 
12:25 um owww
13:25 am I actually an introvert? 
16:07 time to DEEP CLEAN
18:19 lupus girl win tbh 
19:59 gonna try to sleep EARLY

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~How tall am I? 5'7
~Where am I from? Boerne, TX
~Where do I live? I spent 2016-2021 in  Los Angeles + Pasadena CA but moved back home to Austin TX in Nov 2021. 
~What did I study? Nutrition and Dietetics from ASU!
~How old am I? 26  (born in '97)
~Are you Christian? yes!
~What's your full name? Christiane Michel Janse
~How do you pronounce that? Like... Christy-Anne Mick-Elle Jan-See
~Do you have pets? YES! A rescue pupper named Max :-)
~Favorite Store? Everlane, Sezane + Madewell
~Favorite Drink? Oat Milk Matcha or Citrusy Kombucha
~Favorite Friends? YOU

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