Using a Grapple Gun to lose Cops in GTA 5 RP!

Grapple Gun along with a SRT hellcat Durango escapes and trolls cops and players in the city!

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Some Background songs/music in this video is played by Season 1-5 money Heist by the special person Named Ivan. he is a great artist please check him out

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ight in this episode of GTA 5 ROLEPLAY aka GTA 5 RP i actually went around trolling cops with a grapple hook gun

normally in my GTA 5 Roleplay rp videos i do on my server Called MapleHearts which is serious RP whitelist and no whitelist i do a lot of crazy things. Normally we troll cops, rob banks, hit licks, do robberys, dealership heists, car heists, spending time being a hitman. sometimes will do a 24 hour challenge. maybe a bounty hunter video, or a trackhawk going crazy in the streets of Grand Theft Auto. Stealing from civilians and robbing them. yeo listen we do a lot so you most likely saw one of the listed things above in this video. this is in FiveM not on console but on PC. My graphic pack for some of the best graphics is actually custom as well blah blah blah. have a good day yah filthy criminals

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