Urgent Call from the Kremlin: Russian Soldiers Are Shooting Each Other!

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 The crisis in the Russian army does not end! As a result of the successful operations of the Ukrainian army, the Russian army is completely out of order. Putin is being disgraced all over the world because of the problems in the Russian army!
Today there was a shocking development in the Russian army! Never before in any war has there been such an extraordinary event! A Russian soldier was killed by Putin's snipers! Russian soldiers opened fire on each other! Russia is talking about this incident!
In fact, this incident was not the first for the Russian army. There had been disagreements between Russian soldiers for a long time. The images of drunken Russian soldiers fighting with each other were watched all over the world. However, no soldier died in this fight.
The incidents where soldiers die in the Russian army are due to bigger problems. The Russian army has a very complex structure. Because of this structure, there are constant fights between soldiers in the army. As a result of these fights, sometimes weapons are used and Russian soldiers kill each other!
The biggest crisis in the Russian army is about the Wagner group. Soldiers affiliated with the Wagner group, Russia's mercenary company, behave very badly towards soldiers in the Russian army. Russian soldiers hate the soldiers of the Wagner group. It is known that the disagreements between the two groups affect the course of the war. For example, most recently in Soledar, soldiers from the Wagner group ignored the orders of Russian commanders and carried out an operation in the town. This led to a further escalation of tensions between the two sides.
There are also many foreign soldiers in the Russian army. Russians make up 80% of the population in the Russian Federation. However, the remaining 20% minority citizens are treated very badly. These citizens do not want to be partners with Russia. Many of the soldiers who join the army claim that the level of racism in the army is very high, which is why many Russian soldiers are excluded because of racism. There are constant conflicts, especially between Chechen soldiers and Russian soldiers. The Russian army fails to resolve these crises! Chechen soldiers have already caused a lot of damage to the Russian army. Russian ammunition depots were blown up and many Russian soldiers were killed!

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