Top 10 Stand Mount Speakers of ALL-TIME!

The Audiophiliac's personal best stand mount speakers of all time (some real surprises make the cut!). Please share YOUR faves in the comments!

Audiophiliac Stand Mount Speaker Reviews:
Genelec G Three
Harbeth P3ESR
Dynaudio Heritage
GoldenEar BRX
Buchardt S400 MkII

JM Lab Mini Utopia info,as%20is%20the%20bass%20impact.
Epos ES14 Info
Linn Kan info

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0:00 Audiophiliac's fave "small" speakers
1:04 JM Lab Mini Utopia
2:15 EPOS ES14
3:19 Genelec G Three Active Speaker
4:24 Dynaudio Heritage
5:56 Harbeth P3ESR
7:52 GoldenEar BRX 
9:05 Klipsch RP600M II
10:40 Buchardt S400 MkII
11:58 Linn Kan
13:03 KEF LS50 META

Twitter: @AudiophiliacMan


#hifi #homeaudio #greatsound

Twitter: @AudiophiliacMan


#hifi #bookshelfspeakers #greatsound

Herb's Genelec G Three review
Herb's Klipsch RP600 M review

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