This Makes Your PS5 Controller Overpowered..

Doing this makes your PS5 controller overpowered just like a PlayStation 5 Pro Controller but it's even cheaper!? This PS5 back button attachment actually changes everything.. But here's the truth about the Extremerate PS5 paddles kit to remap & mod your DualSense Controller! Also, here's how it can be secretly BETTER than a DualSense Edge! You probably didn't know this but It's basically a PS5 Pro controller except for a cheap affordable price. If you cant afford a PlayStation 5 Pro controller, just buy this right now! I really like the complete metal paddles on this PS5 controller mod. The only cons are the assembly & minor color differences with the standard DualSense Controller. 

You can get the Extremerate PS5 remap kit from Amazon using the affiliate link below.. as an associate, I may earn from purchases.

Extremerate remap kit for PS5 from Amazon:

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