The Ukraine Air War Moves to Russia – Drone attacks, F-16s & Changing tactics

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While the Ukrainian army has demonstrated that it's capable of fighting Russian forces on the ground, the air-war in Ukraine has always been far more asymmetric. In this episode we look at the changing nature of that war, including the emergence of behind-the-lines strikes, and the upcoming arrival of the much awaited F-16s for Ukraine's air force. 


Caveats & corrections:
All normal caveats and cautions apply, including, as always, the nature of the content as entertainment and all the risks of error etc

I also at one point refer to the 'fuel tank' of drones - note that many deployed drones will have metal batteries rather than fuel tanks

I also refer to UA getting Block 20 MLU F-16s on one slide - see pin

Sources & Reading:

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Tu-22M strike

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UA statement on a 'new long range weapon'

F-16 Announcement:
Back in April 2022:

CSIS - Ian Williams - Russia isn't going to run out of missiles

Ships leaving Odesa port

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Strike on Lviv (pictured)

F16 Now:

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Destruction of S-400 in Crimea claim

UA Drone strikes:

Reporting on the mentioned UA pilot loss incident

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Glide bomb employment:

00:00:00 — The Air War In Ukraine
00:01:21 — What Am I Talking About
00:03:09 — Background & Objectives
00:04:36 — Sabotage And Special Operations
00:17:26 — Long Range Strikes: Russia
00:33:55 — Long Range Strikes: Ukraine
00:40:34 — Ukraine In The Air - F16, ALCMS & Attrition
00:57:25 — Battlefield Aviation
01:07:32 — What Next? 
01:09:35 — Conclusion
01:11:02 — Channel Update

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