The Moment of Truth!

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πŸ”₯ Watch as we embark on an incredible 2-week journey, battling scorching sun and weather to complete our farm's ambitious project! 🚜 Join us in this exhilarating video as we share the trials and triumphs of installing a staggering 465 T-Posts for our new pastures to accommodate all our beloved farm animals!

🌞 The sweltering sun was unforgiving, but we refused to let it deter us from this momentous task. We persevered, and with the help of a lifesaving gas-powered post driver that we rented, we were able to turn this dream into reality! πŸ’ͺ This essential tool proved to be our saving grace, allowing us to achieve the impossible.

πŸ„ Our adorable farm animals eagerly watched as we worked tirelessly, securing each T-Post into the ground. From cows to goats, sheep, and more, we can't wait to show them their new, spacious playgrounds!

πŸ† Completing this massive installation was no small feat, and we are immensely grateful to have documented this unforgettable journey. Our hard work, dedication, and the support of our amazing farm community got us through!

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Thanks for watching this episode of life on our family farm!
Y'all be good,
Jason, Brooke, MaryCarl, & the entire Cog Squad
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