The Great Flood Hits Burning Man

Burning Man gets hit by Biblical flooding, and we examine the cultural fallout; the polls get uglier for Joe Biden; and Elon Musk goes up against the Anti-Defamation League.

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00:00 - The Great Flood Hits Burning Man 
3:08 - The Evolution of Burning Man
7:48 - The Principles of Burning Man
15:18 - Chaos At Burning Man 
18:49 - Diplo And Chris Rock Escape!
19:40 - Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal Escapes! 
22:15 - Tens of Thousands Stranded
31:10 - Convicting A Murderer Trailer 
33:12 - Trump Up Huge In Polls 
35:18 - Polls Are Ugly For Joe Biden
37:39 - Stephanopoulos Shocked By Polls 
38:52 - Biden: ‘I Have No Place To Go’
39:53 -  Biden: ‘I’ve Been Doing This Longer Than Anybody’
40:35 - Biden: I’m Middle Class Joe
43:37 - Bernie: We Can’t Have Four More Years of Trump
44:48 - Rolling Stone Goes After DeSantis 
46:45 - Rare Moment of Decency 
47:46 - MSNBC Anchor Can’t Believe DeSantis Snubbed Biden
49:00 - Musk Goes Up Against The Anti-Defamation League
51:11 - Things I Like 
53:03 - Things I Hate

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Ep. 1802

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