The Decay of Sam & Cat

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In the second part of the Sam & Cat saga, following up from his videos about iCarly and Victorious, Quinton Reviews tackled five more episodes of the “hit” TV series. He’s been gone a year, but he’s ready for more intermissions and more breakdowns!

0:00 Intro
8:29 Episodes 21 - 25 reviews
1:10:02 Commercial break
1:15:23 Intermission: Things I Forgot
3:13:19 Live Intermission: Doppelganger Theory
3:45:08 Intermission: Things I Forgot, continued
6:06:19 Outro

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Billy Goat Stomp by Joel Cummings,
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Paper Cloth by El Flaco Collective,
Walking the Smooth Groove by Ben Curtis,
We Wish You A Merry Christmas by DJ Williams,
Holly Dazed by RKVC,
K Disco by Shiruky, 
For the Moment by Almost Here,
K-Fee Auto BGM,
Another World of Beasts,
Kermode by Tigerblood Jewel,
Hey It’s Me by Tigerblood Jewel,
Fall Call by Dusty Decks,
Shifting by Cobby Costa,
Midst of Anger by Golden Anchor,
Tree House Story by Mike Franklyn,
Auwdio by Quesa,
Torgo’s Theme,
Lady in Black by Farrell Wooten,
In My Funky Jacket by The New Fools,
Magnet Groove by John Runefelt,
Walking the Smooth Groove by Ben Curtis,
Royalty Free Comedy Music Circus Theme - Strings Version,
The Base from Sonic Adventure OST,
Able Sisters from Animal Crossing OST,
For the Moment by Almost Here,
It Begins by Say3,
Marie by Howard Harper-Barnes,
Ghost of Fatalia by Arc De Soleil,
Neon Flame by Will Harrison,
Ironclad by Heyson,
Bo Bueno by Matt Large,
Frankie by the New Fools

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