The COMPLETE Season 21 Guide (Fishing, Red Borders, Keys, Deep Dives) | Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

Here's our complete Season of the Deep Guide for Destiny 2 Season 21. Everything you need to know about the intro quests, story quests, fishing, Deep Dives, Salvages, how to get Red Borders, how to get Deep Dive and Salvage Keys and more.
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Epochal Integration Hand Cannon Live Review & Quest Guide:

0:00 Intro
0:33 First Mission & Helm
1:09 Salvage Activity
2:51 Operation: Thunderbolt
4:21 Seasonal Bonuses
5:51 Gone Fishin' Quest
7:00 Bait Reward Amounts
7:20 Catchin' Fish
8:30 Aquarium & Fish Rewards
9:14 Fishing Optimization
10:35 Seasonal Gameplay Loop
12:07 Engram and Key Cheese Farm
13:24 Deep Dive Activities
15:13 Tier 3 Deep Dive Rewards
15:57 Collectible Plants
16:16 Optimization
17:36 Other New Quests
18:02 Summary & Outro
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