The CLEANEST PC I’ve Built In Ages! | Ep 1 | BOTM

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Sponsor: Use code BW20 for Back-to-school Sale 25% discount on Windows Keys at
-Windows 10 Pro ($16):
-Windows 11 Pro ($23):
-Windows 10 Home ($15):
-Office 2019 ($47):
-Office 2021 ($56):

Build of the Month PARTS LIST:
Hyte Y40:
Hyte CNVS Play Mat (black or white):
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D:
Asus Prime B650-Plus:
32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-6000:
MSI RTX 4080 Gaming X Trio:
NZXT Kraken Elite 360:
2TB Corsair MP600 NVMe M.2:
EVGA 1000  Supernova GT:
Phanteks D30-120 Fans:
AsiaHorse Sleeved Cable Kits:
Sirlyr Sleeved 12VHPWR Cable:

Epidemic Sound -

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