The Chosen Global Livestream: Season 3, Episode Seven

“Saw it in theaters yesterday! Magnificent and awe-inspiring!! Will be joining tomorrow night also! Just as excited to watch it the second time as I was the first!” —B Volkmann

“The Chosen episodes 7 and 8 MIND BLOWING.” —Ryan L.

“Wow, Wow, Wow. Loved it, cried in the theatre and all the way home. Everyone out there, go see it, or catch it on YouTube or the app. It’s fantastic. WOW.” —Dianne L.


Join us live this Sunday night at 7 ET for the first half of our Season 3 finale and the first part of an exclusive in-depth conversation with Jonathan Roumie (Jesus).

Be sure you come ready to listen because that’s the theme of this episode—having ears to hear. Jesus leads the disciples into a dangerous region where they’ll face a crowd armed with sharp tongues and dull ears…but even his closest followers are finding it very hard to hear.

We’ll see you this Sunday, and then back again Tuesday night for the stunning conclusion.

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Our episodes are only available for 72 hours on YouTube, so if you’re just now joining us, head to the new “The Chosen” app for the full livestream AND Season 3, Episode Five. 

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