The AI War Is On! Every Microsoft Build AI Announcement

Microsoft announced some huge news around their partnership with #chatgpt creator #openai as well as a full suite of co-pilots for Office 365, #microsoft Windows, and more. In addition, ChatGPT now uses Bing as it's default search and new plugins are coming in hot. They also covered their expansive partnership with #nvidia ( NVDA stock ) including their Azure AI infrastructure. Here's every piece of generative AI news from Microsoft Build 2023.

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Timestamps for this Microsoft Build '23 Supercut:
00:00 Generative AI Changes Everything
01:43 Microsoft Bing Co-pilot
03:51 Microsoft Windows Co-pilot
05:32 Microsoft Fabric Announcement
07:38 Satya Nadella on Why We Build
09:35 Microsoft Co-pilot Ecosystem
12:56 Custom Co-pilot Example
16:50 Microsoft Azure AI Infrastructure
19:06 Nvidia GPUs & Omniverse
22:46 Microsoft Fabric Demo
27:15 The Future is Awesome

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