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Introducing the Model S Plaid Track Package: Unleash the Full Potential

Experience the ultimate track performance with the Model S Plaid Track Package. Designed to provide unmatched stability at high speeds, exceptional cornering capability, and consistent stopping power during intense driving sessions, this package takes your driving experience to the next level, all while reaching a top speed of 200 mph.

Key Features:

Aluminum Forged Wheels: The Track Package comes equipped with lightweight, aluminum forged wheels that not only enhance overall performance but also add a touch of style to your Model S Plaid.

Track-Ready Tires and Brake Fluid: To ensure optimal grip and performance on the track, we have carefully selected track-ready tires and high-performance brake fluid that can withstand the demands of aggressive driving.

Carbon-Silicon Carbide Rotors: Our cutting-edge rotors feature continuous-fiber technology and are constructed using a unique 3D matrix, providing exceptional strength and superior heat management. These rotors are built to handle the most challenging track conditions with ease.

One-Piece Forged Calipers with High-Performance Pads: The Track Package includes one-piece forged calipers that are specifically designed to deliver maximum braking force and consistent performance. Paired with high-performance pads, they provide exceptional stopping power, allowing you to push your Model S Plaid to its limits.

Durability and Enhanced Performance:

We understand the importance of durability and performance in both track and daily driving. That's why our rotors are equipped with a ceramic friction layer that covers the entire rotor surface. This innovative feature reduces brake dust, prevents corrosion, minimizes wear, and improves pedal feel, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience both on and off the track.

Experience the Model S Plaid Track Package and take your driving skills to new heights. Unleash the full potential of your Model S Plaid and enjoy the exhilaration of high-speed track performance without compromising on everyday usability.

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