Steph Curry Tells Gilbert Arenas He’s The BEST PG EVER

Steph Curry Tells Gilbert Arenas He's The BEST PG EVER in this EXCLUSIVE Gil's Arena interview with the Golden State Warriors superstar. Steph and Gil break down his storied NBA Career, the future of the Warriors with CP3, Steph's pick for the Next Face of the NBA, and he answers the question of whether or not he is the best PG in NBA History. 

Gil’s Arena premieres every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET.

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00:00 Intro 
01:27 The Most Likable Asshole In NBA History
03:20 How Steph Improved His Defense
08:12 Curry Brand x Tuff Crowd
10:18 CP3 on The Warriors
13:42 The Chip on Steph’s Shoulder
15:38 How Long Will Steph Play
18:00 Steph’s Secret Sauce
23:00 Steph Picks Who’s Got Next 
25:00 Future For The Warriors 
27:33 Best PG Ever

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