Special Russian Team Was Caught Unprepared: Strategic Ambush of Russian Soldiers from Ukraine!

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The Ukrainian army carried out a successful operation in the city of Bakhmut, where the war raged! In this operation, Ukrainian border guards targeted the invading soldiers of the Wagner Group and the Russian Reconnaissance Corps. The invading Russian reconnaissance unit was eliminated with a spectacular ambush, while the Wagner Group soldiers sent to support the region were repulsed with a successful defense! The Ukrainian army does not let the invaders in the Bakhmut region pass!
Russian reconnaissance troops, who were working to discover the Ukrainian Border Guard Troops on the borders of the city of Bakhmut, where the war was the most intense in the past days, encountered an unexpected ambush! Soldiers of the Ukrainian Border Guard Corps were in control of all the activity in the border regions. But the Russian reconnaissance units were unaware of this!
The Russian reconnaissance troops, who moved to get information about the conditions on the borders of Bakhmut and to discover the location of the Ukrainian Border Guard Troops, became the target of the Ukrainian soldiers! Ukrainian border guards were lying in ambush in the border areas, waiting for the Russian invaders to approach the area. As the Russian reconnaissance troops approached the area, the silence on the Bakhmut border was replaced by loud clashes! The Russian invaders were surprised by what they encountered! Ukrainian soldiers blocked the Russian troops with a successful ambush! Russian troops retreated from the area after the clashes. The Russian army lost two lookout soldier during the clash. Three Russian soldiers were injured in this clash!
This successful ambush operation carried out by the Ukrainian border guards during the day continued differently at night! Because after the Russian soldiers were killed and wounded in the area, the reconnaissance units had to retreat. Wagner Group soldiers appeared in Bakhmut at dusk! Wagner Group soldiers and Russian army soldiers were aiming to organize a more extensive operation against Ukrainian positions. But the Ukrainian army had already deployed artillery units in the area! Anticipating the operation of the enemy troops, the Ukrainian army was deployed slightly behind the area where the clashes were taking place. When the invading troops entered the area, the attack began. The soldiers of the Wagner Group can not entered the area in the face of the fierce attack and lost many soldiers!

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