Over the past year I’ve taken on many machining and engineering projects so I’ve definitely spent a lot of time with these machine tools; becoming familiar with both their capabilities and their limitations. In this video I’ll be tackling some of the latter. Specifically on the metal lathe. I have a whole list of improvements I’d like to make so I’ll just be starting with the things that bug me the most and going from there. And as always I’ll be taking the “do it yourself” approach to all these upgrades, from engineering design to precision machining. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
1:14 Upgrade Schmupgrade
3:05 Cocky Is as Cocky Does
4:27 Salvageable
7:18 When Problems Compound
8:39 AutoPAD 2.0
9:54 When the Back Burner Strikes Back
12:11 Now Where Was I?
14:53 Dun' Goofed
16:05 And Screwed
18:11 Carried Away
19:55 One Last Thing... I Swear!

Camera: Canon 90D camera with Rode Videomic Pro+ with wind shield
Voiceover: Heil Sound "The FIN" mic with a pop filter and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp.
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Intro Song: Way Back Way Back When (Instrumental Version) - Gamma Skies\

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