Sharks in the Water! 🦈 | Floor is Lava Game | Brain Break | Danny Go! Dance Songs for Kids

Are you ready to swim through shark-infested waters to get to the treasure island? 🦈🏝️ Dance along with Danny Go as you avoid jellyfish & collect golden coins in this underwater adventure! Oh, but if you see a shark, you better get out of water and up on something safe!

Wanna keep dancing? Here's some of our other favorite Danny Go dance songs!

The Floor is Lava Dance -
The Cowboy Dance -
The Color Dance -
The Ice King Freeze Dance -
The Wiggle Dance Song -
The Fire & Ice Freeze Dance -
The Robot Dance -
The Monkey Dance -
The Stomp Clap Dance Song -
The Dinosaur Dance -

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Get your kids moving, having fun, being silly and learning with Danny Go! Tired of YouTube simple nursery rhymes? Every Danny Go! video is packed with original songs for kids and dances for kids that even mom, dad, teachers and caretakers can enjoy! Play freeze games, floor is lava games, this or that games, construction vehicle games and more! Dance along with us to songs about cowboys, dinosaurs, monkeys, robots, unicorns, cartoons, diggers, space, cars, and more! When we're not moving and grooving, we will be taking exciting field trips to fire stations, trampoline parks, animal shelters, going on treasure hunts and more. We will see you there!

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