Shannon Sharpe RESPONDS To Dillion Brooks Calling Him A “BLOGGER”, “They Don’t Want This SMOKE”

Shannon Sharpe RESPONDS To Dillion Brooks Calling Him A "BLOGGER" & pedestrian, "They Ain't Want This SMOKE"

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In today's video, I explain the reason why Shannon Sharpe, get into a heated exchange almost fight with the Memphis grizzlies team Ja, Morant, dad, tee, Morant, Dillon Brooks,  Steven Adams must watch  
  I also highlighted a clip of Ja Morant saying that he will cook Michael Jordan in a onesie one and Shannon Sharpe responded to Jon Morant, saying that he could cook Jordan in a one V one also highlight how LeBron James and the Memphis grizzlies has heated history after Desmond, Bane and LeBron James got into it on the court and LeBron James called out Desmond bands for being disrespectful and trash talking click to watch this video @SELFTALK @SELFTALKTV 
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