Searching The Abandoned Bus We Didn’t Expect To Find This

I've been testing the Nomad Air Travel Bag for the past week and have to tell you all about it!
We've taken this everywhere; in the truck, in the suburban and all over Oklahoma and we have been impressed at each location.
Nomad Internet designed the Nomad Air to have 4G/5G LTE capabilities as well as C-Band access, so you can stay connected in most places you'll go! This truly is the answer for staying connected while on-the-go or if you live in very rural areas.
They gave me a personal link so you can get this at 10% off here or by using my discount code:  KEEPINGITDUTCH
30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you don't absolutely love it, they've got you covered!

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Our Best Find Yet Searching The Abandoned Bus
We search the abandoned bus and find something great, I wonder it's actually worth. We have spent the day cleaning the bus out and saving what we think is worth saving. The abandoned homestead is slowly getting cleaned up. 
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