Saved An OBS Ford F250 From The Shredder! Sat For A Decade. HOW BAD IS IT?

Last year, I bought an old ranger at the auction that just looked too good to let go to waste. 
Here's that video:
I did it again. I saw some old truck at the auction and I felt bad that it would end up at a local self service yard and ultimately destroyed. So, I threw a bid on it and... WON! Yeah, another project, I needed that. 
This 1997 Ford F-250 is the very last of the OBS Ford Trucks, some of my favorite trucks ever made. These were reliable, serviceable, and cheap cost of ownership trucks but back then, most trucks were regardless of who made them. 
This truck was advertised as inoperative, no key, clean title and I could see that it still had cab corners and lower fenders, a rare sight for a midwestern truck. Once it came in, reality set in. This old girl needed a lot of help. So I brought it home and several months later, I finally set out to make it run and drive. 
This video is that entire process. Every painful and blissful step. 

Now the great news is that this truck can be bought for exactly what I have invested. Between auction fees, transport, bid amount, and the parts I had to install, that's just $1300. I can only sell this thing once, so shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll reply in the order they are received. 

I really hope you enjoyed this video as always I love all of the comments, feedback and even the criticism. 

Catch you all on the next one! 


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