Robbi Returns, Berkey gets even, Hellmuth doesn’t quit?- Live at the Bike

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#LiveattheBike is the first and only regularly scheduled weekly webshow to feature a live #poker cash game. Real people, playing real poker... uncut, unscripted, unedited, with expert commentary from top grossing poker pros who make their living playing the same games we feature on their own bankrolls.

0:00 Stream Start
7:31 Game Start
1:02:42 Hand 34 - Berkey all in vs Dr H $35K
1:13:34 Leaderboard 
1:15:04 Hand 37 - Phil vs Robbi $8K
1:20:57 Hand 39 - Tim all in vs JL $29K
1:31:10 Hand 43 - Phil all in vs Dr H $9K
1:44:09 Hand 48 - Phil vs JL $5K
2:32:35 Leaderboard
2:34:35 Hand 71 - Robbi vs Berkey double board $70K
3:25:47 Hand 94 - Robbi vs Brown Balla $28K
3:38:16 Hand 99 - Double board Nick vs Tim $42K
3:44:15 Hand 100 - Nick vs Brown Balla $15K
3:47:05 Hand 101 - Berkey vs Dr H $14K
3:49:55 Hand 102 - Berkey vs JL all in to call $47K
4:33:42 Leaderboard
4:38:37 Hand 126 - Dr H all in vs Robbi $19K
4:51:42 Hand 133 - Tim felted by Berkey $64K

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