Right Wing Media Copes After Durham Report Dud Goes Public

Right-Wingers have long awaited the findings of the Durham Report, which was supposed to reveal that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic FBI colluded in an attempt to remove Trump from power. Now that it has become public it shows nothing of the sort and is a giant dud. But that won't stop the conservative media from pretending that it's not.

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There's not a lot to be said about the Durham report. We already knew that this thing was a bust a year or two ago. There was after all was said and done he brought I think it was charges against was it three or four people. I think the three of them were exonerated. Maybe it was three people total and two were exonerated. but the bottom line was he was not able to get a conviction. Even on the most simple of stuff. He brought criminal charges against just three people. Lost both cases that went to trial. And in the third case, an ex-FBI lawyer pleaded guilty to altering an email that was used to support a surveillance application. This is the FISA thing. right. he would have won 12 months of probation. Right. Right. I think he did another 400 hours of community service. Yeah, but to be clear the judge said this was a function of the lawyer it's a low-level lawyer writing a letter in support of a FISA warrant that the judge said specifically he took quote an inappropriate shortcut. That is the sum product of a four-year investigation. Twice as long as the Mueller investigation incidentally. Seven million dollars. Dozens of investigators. We should also add that not only did Durham come up with nothing, the Senate intelligence committee I will say led by Republicans spent three and a half years reviewing millions of documents interviewing tens if not hundreds of witnesses, and found that yeah you know what the FBI did have a legitimate reason to begin this investigation in 2016. In addition, the Department of Justice Inspector General under I believe it was the Trump Administration and Bill Barr also found there was no political bias in the launch of the initial FBI investigation. Do you mean the FBI is not a Democrat? It turns out oddly enough that the FBI are not Democrats. You will also recall that there are specific data and I'm not saying this is the reason but I've said multiple times there are about 12 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost that election. One of them was the letter that James Comey read aloud in the run-up to the election in October. And to be clear we have data that shows what that did to Hillary Clinton's chances. Now you have a close election. You have multiple mistakes made by Hillary Clinton's campaigning. You have things like an open Supreme Court seat. That letter was just one element in the mix but certainly, some data shows that it impacted the polling anyways right after it.

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