Riding two bikes that don’t fit – Tiny Bike Big Bike

If you’re in between sizes on mountain bikes and are trying to choose which to go with, this video will not help you at all. However I can provide a little advice. A larger bike will tend to give you the sensation of sitting “inside” the bike. This can be both confidence inspiring and more stable. If you like the feeling of sitting on top of the bike, and being able to throw it around and play on it, going smaller might be the ticket. I personally prefer smaller.

What we’re doing today is strangely consistent with the above sentiment. On the size XL Canyon Neuron I tested, I was indeed a lot more stable and confident. On the 14” Prevelo toddler bike I was most definitely sitting way up on top.

Canyon Neuron 5 https://bit.ly/45DYglU
Considering this bike has a dropper post, Rockshox front and rear, and excellent styling for under $2000, I think it’s a no brainer for someone of any size. Keep in mind, it’s not just available in XL 🤣

Prevelo Zulu One https://bit.ly/3MDSvwc
I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve ridden this bike several times, and it’ll be what my daughter rides very soon. Need I say more?

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