Rich Paul Schools Gilbert Arenas On NBA Business

Rich Paul Schools Gilbert Arenas On NBA Business in this EXCLUSIVE Gil's Arena interview to round out Season 1. Rich gives Gilbert and the Gil's Arena Crew heaps of knowledge and tips he's learned about the business of the NBA on his road to becoming one of the best super agents in all of sports. They discuss everything from The NBA Draft, Lebron James vs Michael Jordan to the future of shoe deals and fill in the gaps with a wealth of golden nuggets. Please remember to like and subscribe!!

Gil’s Arena premieres every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET.

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Rich Paul Enters Gils Arena
01:22 Rich Paul On This Historic Offseason
07:44 How The NBA Draft Works 
12:08 How NBA Business Has Changed
19:29 The Keys To Being A Great Agent
25:26 The Eco System Of The Athlete 
32:26 Rich Paul Weighs In On G.O.A.T Debate
42:42 Turning Point For Lebron
47:22 How Legit Is Lakers “Bubble Ring”?
50:39 The Game Within The Game
1:07:05 How Older Stars Adapt To new Roles
1:09:19 The Future Of Shoe Deals
1:15:15 Klutch Athletics
1:20:36 Best Agent Ever?

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