Restaurant Tycoon Games in Real Life

Who loves cooking and restaurant games like Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 and Overcooked?! ✋ We do! Comment which team was your favorite! 

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Hudson Mckay as Ricky Flare
Channelle Auvert as Tara Garcia
Omar Lagudali as John Garcia
Brooke Falcone as Ms. Fresnal the critic, David Ditmore and Alex Bowing as First Customers. Lawson Touliatos as Jeremy the customer turned worker, Hallie Rose as Young Customer,  Mckinnis Alaina as Customer 3, Michelle Nelson as Customer 1, Sydney Mann as Customer 2, Meredith Harris as Fruity Pebbles Customer, Aliah Marshall and Isbella Gibbons as Customer 5 and 6, and Brandon Henley as Customer 7!

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