Republican Debate Week Begins!

Donald Trump says he won’t attend the GOP debate as the other candidates prepare to get personal; Ron DeSantis’ campaign hits the turning point; and Hunter Biden’s lawyers target…Joe Biden.


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00:00 - Republican Debate Week Begins 
1:20 - CBS Poll Shows Trump's Lead Growing
6:59 - Diving Into The Polls 
8:47 - Trump Leads GOP Field In Honesty Category 
10:32 - Trump Dominates The Question: Who Tells The Truth
12:49 - The Downsides For Trump 
15:18 - Trump To Release Taped Interview With Tucker On Debate Night 
16:14 - RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Is Begging Trump To Participate 
19:10 - DeSantis Campaign Attempts To Revamp 
21:20 - Why DeSantis Failed To Launch  
24:23 - DeSantis Sparks Feud After 'Listless Vessels' Comment 
29:34 - Vivek Update   
30:12 - Nikki Haley: Got To Move Beyond Negativity, Drama
31:04 - Pence: Declassification of Documents ‘Not Something That I Ever Heard About’
34:33 - Chuck Todd & Jonathan Martin: Three Huge Issues ‘Clouding’ Biden’s Campaign
35:08 - Jake Tapper: Trump Was Right About Chinese Money
36:30 - Hunter’s Lawyers Threatened To Put Joe Biden On The Stand
41:49 - Biden’s Second Vacation of the Month
43:04 - Biden’s Terrible Maui Response 
43:45 - FEMA Spokesperson: We’re Not in Charge, The State Is In Charge 
44:31 - DeSantis Hammers Biden For ‘No Comment’ Response 
45:13 - Hawaii Official Delayed Releasing Water For More Than 5 Hours
45:50 - Newsom Declares Emergency 
46:44 - WSJ: China’s 40-Year Boom Is Over
48:39 - WSJ: Why Russia’s War In Ukraine Could Run for Years
50:38 - Things I Like 
52:35 - Things I Hate

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