Reconnected Ep. 5

Thank you for joining another episode of Reconnected! Today on episode 5 of Reconnected Blazzy talks about his new addition to his family, Potlord apologizes to Blazzy for doing him wrong, Lil House Phone announces a new color way dropping from High Rollers & much more!!! 
0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Trell calls into the stream 
2:23 - All the drama and Yuriy being the last man standing at No Jumper
4:11- Mac shows up and nobody knew he was coming 
4:55 - Potlord apologize to Blazzy after he heard someone using “Glazing” on Ak’s streams 
6:13 - Blazzy on his random YouTube interest and building his algorithm 
8:34 - The multiple eras of No Jumper and how the fans have watched it play out 
11:18 - How Trell and AD didn’t get offered to bring their channels to No Jumper 
12:34 - Blazzy reveal how much he was getting paid per episode on Disconnected 
16:29 - Blazzy on if he would work with the No Jumper design team again after departing 
17:36 - HousePhone on his money situation with No Jumper, “There was good months and bad months” 
19:33 - Blazzy on how he keeps it transparent with his employees 
20:22 - HousePhone on how the people at No Jumper kept pushing him to keep showing up even during times when he didn’t feel wanted 
21:28 - Blazzy on doing 160 in a Lamborghini Urus 
23:43 - Blazzy on his recent car accident caused by his cup caking activity with his girl 
26:42 - The guys shout out FiggmunityWorld for starting a new chapter 
27:58 - Reconnected being the Jenga piece to others wanting to branch off and continue with their own channels 
28:23 - Shout out the behinds the scenes team at BBE 
29:28 - Encouraging kids to drop out of school since everybody is copying answers anyways and homework being a waste of time 
35:50 - Yuriy on how the audience that donates to his streams in large amounts are successful college graduates 
36:54 - Please don’t cheat in architectural careers 
40:34 - LA freeways and traffic but then if you take the buses you could get robbed 
43:45 - Blazzys Dripcheck 
44:50 - Yuriys Dripcheck 
45:40 - Potlord’s Dripcheck 
48:50 - HousePhone’s Dripcheck 
49:26 - The guys start roasting each others fits 
and it gets dark
53:05 - The Gucci Vault x Vans collab topic review 
58:58 - The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High topic review 
1:01:05 - The Vans Old Skool “Bolt” topic review 
1:02:35 - HousePhone announces a new High Rollers color way and merch coming soon 
1:04:26 - The Vandy the Pink “Burger” collection topic review 
1:07:30 - HousePhone on how him and the Vandy Burger plushy have a deep connection 
1:11:40 - How the PO Box address wasn’t correct so that why brand reviews haven’t happened yet 
1:14:22 - The guy’s apologize for the narratives that they’ve put on Blazzy recently 
1:15:50 - Blazzy on his new 3-story crib, and he’s getting a new addition to his family 
1:21:14 - We are adding a new Tuesday stream to the channel! 
1:24:10 - The Pleasures Spring 2023 collection topic review 
1:35:50 - Yuriy on his cross dresser friend from HS giving him a free kitten during school 
1:37:45 - Potlord on getting kicked out of school on the 1st day multiple times 
1:39:30 - Yuriy suggest an escape room stream 
1:42:27 - The BBC Ice Cream Spring 2023 collection topic review 
1:51:55 - What the guys have been listening to lately 
1:55:56 - How the News on cable sometimes doesn’t fly on YouTube 
2:01:21 - 6 people stabbed in LA outside of a restaurant that Potlord and Yuriy streamed at 
2:02:36 - The weekly music review, Yuriy botches Metro Boomin’s name 
2:13:19 - # BiggestBrosDripCheck 
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