Reaction to Deion Sanders’ debut & question facing Caleb Williams | Colin Cowherd + John Middlekauff

First, Colin explains why he was “shocked” by Deion Sanders’ big debut at Colorado, and why the biggest story may not be Deion himself. Then, John Middlekauff joins Colin to give his reaction to Colorado’s win over TCU. They also discuss the NFL matchups they’re going to be watching closely in Week 1, their predictions for Aaron Rodgers’ first game with the New York Jets, and the biggest question facing USC superstar QB Caleb Williams.

00:00 - Deion’s big debut
04:47 - Big hurdle for big programs
06:43 - Major difference in NFL
09:49 - Deion reaction with John
13:24 - Must-watch NFL Week 1 matchups
26:42 - Predictions for Aaron Rodgers’ first Jets game
31:05 - Huge red flag for Rams
36:45 - Biggest question facing Caleb Williams

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