R2D2 & C-3PO Are Fathers | Ep 150 | Bad Friends

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0:00 R2D2 and C3PO Are Dads Now
6:44 Bobby's Experience with Barbie Dolls 
12:55 Fancy Gets in Trouble & The Truth About Comedians 
21:44 Rudy Crashes the Party
24:57 Andrew Talks to His Biological Dad
34:29 Rudy Explains Why Babies Don't Like Bobby
40:53 The Foreign Discount 
48:00 Andrew Doesn't Get Rick and Morty
51:36 Bobby and Andrew's Worse Audition Moments
57:33 Did Someone Die Watching the New Avatar Movie?
1:05:44 The Oldest Man in the World & The Tombstones You Can't Miss

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