Nana Shimura Becomes the 7th One for All User | Explaining Every One for All User in MHA

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Nana Shimura was an extremely notable hero according to Gran Torino and All Might, and while we don’t know how powerful she was at the time with the version of One for All that existed before Toshinori went on to SUPERCHARGE it, however Nana Shimura is the first member of this list, who originally had a quirk of her own. Nana’s quirk Float, lets her pretty much completely stabilize herself in the air so that she DOESN’T fall, and I believe that she can will herself in a given direction to a certain extent, with One for All itself likely making this more viable.Nana has a hairstyle that we’ve actually seen quite a bit in the series, enough to make me wonder if she’s the reason that this hairstyle went into fashion since Heroes ARE also public icons with their own varying levels of popularity. Nana’s life became very difficult after getting One for All. 

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Video Title: Nana Shimura Becomes the 7th One for All User | Explaining Every One for All User in MHA

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