Military expert: Russians have been very stupid; they already lost the war | Rock Rachon

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Rock Rachon 23.01.23  

Guests: Joe Lindsley (, Thomas C. Theiner

In this episode of „Rock Rachon” we talk with an American journalist living in Lviv Joe Lindsley. We discuss the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 held in Davos, where a very obvious flag-waving incident took place with the use of Ukraine. Do the world's financial elites take their support for the country fighting Russian aggression seriously, or is it a gesture to cover up their dirty deeds? The second guest on tonight's program is a retired artilleryman. Thomas Theiner talks with us about the general state of the war in Ukraine - why has Russia failed so miserably? The former Italian soldier and military expert have some specific ideas.

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Photo: Pierre Crom/Getty Images

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