Max Holloway on Fighting Conor McGregor, Beefing with Daniel Cormier, & Staying in Hawaii

What up people, today we got the UFC legend Max Holloway in the building. Today he shares what Conor told him while they were fighting, why he DC I’d a fraud, and how he feels about his fight this weekend with Korean Zombie. 

**NOTE: This episode was filmed before the tragic wildfires fires in Maui. If you’re interested in contributing to the relief effort, you can support the people of Maui by clicking the link below.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Waianae can throw down
03:17 Most stars will leave their home
05:30 Matt finding out he could fight
06:55 Hawaiians are kind, sweet and fisty
09:30 Rather fight than pay $35
12:54 The one time Max got ROCKED
16:40 Assessing in the fight
19:04 "Keep fighting, mate" - hurting Conor McGregor
20:47 Teaching Ortega, MID-FIGHT
21:38 Daniel Cormier is a sell-out!
25:25 Commission stopped Max-Khabib due to weight cut
27:21 Max would fight DC in an alley + fighting friends
30:52 Not sparring anymore + Zoom training + LOUDEST Tesla
34:30 Video Games is training + Hawaii is home
38:56 The world doesn't owe you a thing
41:58 Bum friends + Iowa SUCKS + Thiccies
46:35 Filipino gambling + c0ckf1ghting + clout chasers
49:26 Iam Tongi is phenomenal
54:39 Max fighting Korean Zombie + Motivation
58:26 Fighting Volk again + mental strength makes you elite
01:04:02 Pre-fight rituals + venue makes no difference
01:07:29 Hawaii Tourism Authority refusing UFC
01:12:26 Hawaiian v Local + Pidgin Bible
01:15:54 Surfing is MORE dangerous + d1ckdragg3r
01:21:04 Max's true love + Greece & Japan

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