MANDALORIAN Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown – Every Star Wars Easter Egg You Missed

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We begin the episode with a great Star Wars dogfight against TIT fighters, and pivot back to Coruscant, from the prequel trilogy, for an episode about political intrigue and falling to the dark side. Dr. Pershing is slowly being drawn back into the Empire, so he can probably clone Palpatine. We think.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Srinidhi Rao, Colton Ogburn, Brianna McLarty, and Ryan Arey 

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The political intrigue and world-building were straight out of Andor, it had a blockbuster-level dogfight with tie fighters, and it moved the overall story of the Mandalorians to a new phase I can’t wait to break this down and explain how all of this is carefully laying the groundwork for the rise of the First Order. And it shows us exactly why the new republic failed,

So let’s get into these easter eggs.

The star wars intros before each show have been slightly different with the bad batch featuring charters more from the film-produced shows, like imperial cadets and General Grievous. The characters here tend to be from Favreau-produced shows. We have Vader, R2, Fennec Shand, a TIE pilot, Bo Katan, an IG droid, a scout trooper, armorer, and of course the Mandalorian.

The name of the episode is The Convert, which has a couple of different meanings. First, we have Pershing, who has been converted to the new republic. But also, Elia Kane seems to be slowly converting him to the First Order, which I’ll explain a little later on.

And finally, Bo Katan seems to have her own religious conversion. Last episode she saw the mythosaur, and she can't shake that from her mind. It was a near-mystical experience, something she couldn't explain. [Clip] And by the end of the episode, she has been accepted back into the Way. This season has been filled with religious subtexts including a baptism, a passage from the book of Exodus, and episodes called the apostate and the convert. The question we’ll talk about later is, is Bo Katan really a convert, or like Elia Kane, is she just faking it to get what she wants?

Doug: So what do you mean about the mythosaur?

Well, we talked about this last week, so I don't want to get too far into this. But basically, the mythosaur are these giant beasts that are native to Mandalore, and the earliest Mandalorians rode them around and named them–that's why the mythosaur skull is their symbol. They believed they were extinct, except for one prophecy that the armorer mentioned [mythosaur rising].

So the question we’ll talk about in just a bit is what this actually means for the Mandalorian people. Will This mythosaur literally rise and help them to take back their world? Will the people unite around Din Djarin as the leader, since he has the dark saber?

I find it very interesting that she does not tell Din about the mythosaur. She asks him if you see anything]. I’m not sure if she is asking because she can’t trust him, or if she wants to keep the secret to herself. See, Bo-Katan wants to be the leader of mandalore, more than anything else. She tried to retake the world but thought the dark saber everyone abandoned her. 

So she must be thinking, is there a way I can use that mythosaur to become ruler of my planet and save my people? Can I use the Mythosaur to regain power?

Doug: Or maybe she’s just spiritually confused.

That's true. Maybe she really is questioning everything she thought she knew about her people and the myths of old. She might be a genuine convert. But those are questions we’re also asking about Pershing and Elias Kane all through this episode.

So din says he didn’t think there would be canyons like that, and Bo Katan replies [bomings opened chasm]. And I think this explains where the Mythosaur came or. In a great clone wars episode, the republic sets off an electro bomb that opens up a huge underground cavern housing a Zillo beast. Basically, a kaiju that terrorizes coruscant–and actually, that they took away to clone. That’s a connection to this episode. 

The same thing could have happened here–the bombing opened up a crater where a Mythosaur was hibernating for centuries–or there are hundreds of them living underground, like a hollow earth theory.

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