Kaepernick Calls His WHITE Parents RACIST & Can Africans Be White?

This week the Brilliant Idiots discuss Schulz's new haircut, have a few false starts and then take on Whoopi Goldberg's latest scandal on the view involving the word 'gyp', short for Gypsy, which can be taken as derogatory against the Romani people. They then discuss a new CNN Article that reveals scientists are uncovering ancient zombie viruses and testing them, when has that ever gone wrong? They then discuss a restaurant that was serving drinks under the names the 'Negro' & the 'Caucasian'. They react to Diplo admitting to receiving oral pleasure from another man on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast and that being the first time a man rizzed up a woman by admitting he's gay. They also discuss Colin Kaepernick calling out his parents for racial microaggressions in his childhood during his book tour, Mexico's President claiming that Mexico is safer than the US, Diddy wanting to buy B.E.T. & Schulz and Charlamagne share their best pooping their pants stories. A heater today, ENJOY!!

0:00:00 - Richard Spencer in the House
0:02:43 - Whoopi Goldberg Got Gypped
0:20:10 - Restaurant Restoring the Cocktail Caste System in America
0:24:43 - Can Africans Be White?
0:46:52 - Diplo Dicksuck Develops Desire in Emrata
0:56:58 - Your poopoo Nalgene + F**k the turtles
01:01:16 - Colin Kaepernick Calls Out Parents' racism in Book Tour
01:09:58 - Diddy to buy B.E.T.? Or is He doing a North Korea?
01:11:15 - Ask an Idiot
01:14:56 - The Greatest Shitting Yourself As an Adult Stories EVER

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