Jokic Swept LeBron and The Lakers Out Of The Playoffs | FT Spencer Dinwiddie

Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets completed the sweep of Lebron James the Los Angeles Lakers and Gilbert Arenas is here to speak on it. Catch the full reaction from The Gils Arena Crew as they break down Game 4 of Lakers - Nuggets, debate what is next for Lebron James (retirement?) and preview Game 4 of Celtics Heat!!!

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Chapters - 

Show Start 0:00:00
Lakers 2024 Champs - Show Intro 0:01:53
Nets Future With Spencer Dinwiddie 0:04:25
Spencer Dinwiddie on Luka 0:13:34
Spencer Dinwiddie on Kuzma Beef 0:23:38
Spencer Dinwiddie on Changing Culture 0:32:34
Recapping The Lakers Sweep 0:37:04
Did The Lakers Overachieve or Underachieve 0:41:20
Miami Is A YMCA Team 0:44:52
Lebron Retirement 0:50:44
Gil Fixes The Lakers 1:02:37
How Would You Grade The Lakers? 1:05:48
Kyrie To The Lakers 1:14:17
What Did The Nuggets Show You? 1:15:46
Heat Nuggets Finals 1:30:59
Who Will Be The Next Nuggets? 1:41:50
Mostly Fans 1:44:41

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