Jason’s Coming Back, Rodgers Decision & Nick Sirianni | New Heights | Ep 31

92%ers we are back with episode thirty-one of New Heights presented by our friends at @FireballWhiskyOfficial  and it has already been a crazy start to free agency so let's go. 

In this episode, we take a look at some of the best unsanctioned New Heights Merch, probably spend too much time sorting NFL players into Hogwarts houses, and try and figure out who Jerry Jones has been using as a horcrux. 

More importantly, Jason gives us the details on why he decided to run it back for another season, how he feels about some of the free agency moves the Eagles have made so far, and Travis welcomes a new teammate to the Chiefs. 

We also touch on some of the other big free agency moves from around the league, explain why playing “Poop Dollar” is the correct amount of dumb for living in Vegas, and then finally what the entire NFL world has been waiting for, we react to all the Aaron Rodgers speculation. 

This episode also includes Jason’s incredible conversation with Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. The guys talk about what he learned in year two, how he rebounded from the infamous opening press conference, the secret to hiring the perfect coordinator, why the QB sneak shouldn’t be banned, and how he bribed Jason to come back to the Eagles. 

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00:00 - Intro 
02:28 - New News
03:55 - Non-Sanctioned Merch 
07:00 - NFL Players in Hogwarts Houses 
18:05 - Jason Running it Back 
24:28 - Eagles Free Agency Update 
32:20 - Chiefs Free Agency Update 
32:50 - Darren Waller to Giants 
34:20 - Jakobi Meyers to Raiders 
36:30 - Poop Dollar 
40:30 - Aaron Rodgers Speculation 
50:18 - Travis goes Hollywood 
58:50 - Nick Sirianni Interview
01:02:25 - Lessons of Year Two 
01:06:02 - Team Speeches  
01:08:40 - Situational Football 
01:13:15 - First Press Conference
01:16:15 - Welcome to head coaching moment 
01:20:30 - Coaching Advice 
01:23:00 - Coordinator to Head Coach 
01:25:00 - Hiring Coordinators 
01:31:50 - Family of Coaches 
01:36:00 - Team Sports
01:38:50 - Jason’s Combine Story 
01:41:50 - QB Sneak 
01:45:00 - The Fletcher Cox Sneak 
01:47:50 - Jason’s Kegs 
01:49:00 - Pros and Cons of Coaching
01:53:30 - Post Interview Interview
01:56:15 - Weirdest Coaching Metaphors 
01:58:20 - Team Speeches 
02:00:35 - The Sirianni Snapback

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