Introducing The RetroTINK 4K

With the RetroTINK 4K coming out of an almost year-long private beta and now being publicly tested by some of the best people in retro, I felt it was time to do a proper introduction video.  I tried to concentrate on things I felt I could add to the conversation, while also promoting upcoming videos from Digital Foundry, My Life In Gaming, GameSack and Wobbling Pixels.  Please consider supporting if you liked what you saw:

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Digital Foundry:
My Life In Gaming:
FirebrandX Profiles:

Links to unmodified screenshots of the “Link examples” can be found on the main page:

Here’s other stuff mentioned, in order of appearance:

Dreamcast Transparent Case provided by:

Airline Footage:

CRT’s On Wheels:


Neo Geo 240p Test Suite:

Why 1080p5x / 4K10 is almost always best:

HDMI Audio Extractor:

All equipment used to shoot this video can be found here:

00:00  Opening
00:43  Intro
01:34  Alternatives
05:09  Hardware
06:36  Profiles
10:31  CRT Emulation
13:24  HDMI Input
16:03  Arcade
16:40  120Hz BFI
20:49  Lag Testing
24:08  Dislikes
26:33  Conclusion

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