I Built the World’s First Invisible PC Setup

A setup so clean, you literally can't see it. Not even lying. 
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00:00 Teaser intro because YouTube

00:11 weeping with tears in a rainstorm

00:25 Before & After

00:40 Linus glad you're stepping down good for you man, get some rest haha (pls don't roast my painting technique if you ever see this haha) 


01:56 Step 1 - Invisible PC

03:31 Woodworking (satisfying)

04:41 Step 2 - Invisible Keyboard

05:30 Step 3 - 0g Invisible Mouse 

06:50 Stupidity

08:33 Painting (satisfying) 

08:47 Step 4 - Invisible Hologram Monitor

09:30 Final Assembly

10:22 The World's First Invisible PC Setup

11:35 You didn't see this coming

Thank you all for watching and clicking and everything else. It's insane to get to do this full time. I'll continue to try and upload faster without making watered down content. Sorry this took three months! You uploaf nerd

To summarize, this vid is me building a PC setup with every aspect of it appearing invisible. 
- The mouse is a 0g hyper lightweight (max gigafart insane) invisible gaming mouse that uses a depth sensing intel realsense 435i to translate my hand and finger movements into cursor actions in windows. 
- The keyboard is flush mounted with the desk surface and has a plastic mold that perfectly fills the space between the keys, and then is painted
- The monitor uses a nano particle film to appear as though it's a floating hologram
- The whole assembly is wireless, no seriously see 10:22
- There's a lot of small details I had to leave out, like how exactly the PC fits and various connectivity things. If you comment your questions I may see it and respond! 

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God bless you

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