HW News – AMD RX 7800 Leak, GN Imposter, Intel 1.8nm CPUs, Arc Even Better

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This hardware news recap talks about a GN imposter using our name as a prebuilt scam, Intel leaking its own 20-angstrom architecture, Microsoft leaking AMD's RX 7800 GPU, and driver bugs. The triumvirate is complete: NVIDIA's bugs cause CPU cycle waste, AMD's can brick Windows, and Intel's actually got fixed for Arc. Intel is on a rampage right now with Arc improvements, and it's starting to show.

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00:00 - Recapping the Week
01:14 - Scam Advertiser Impersonating GN
06:32 - GN E-Waste Drive Update
08:43 - Microsoft Leaks RX 7800
12:50 - Intel Leaks Own 20A Architecture
15:02 - AMD Radeon Drivers Can Brick Windows
19:20 - NVIDIA Drivers Cause CPU Use Bug
20:12 - Intel 1.8nm Process Node
22:06 - Corsair Speeds-Up 24GB DDR5
23:28 - New Ring Blade Fans
27:14 - Intel Arc Multi-Monitor Power Bug Fixed
28:15 - Sony is AMD's Largest Customer
29:42 - StormBreaker Magnesium Mice

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Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Vitalii Makhnovets
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