How Much Did the Rad Charger ACTUALLY Cost to Build???

In today's video, I am addressing how much the Rad Charger ACTUALLY cost to build for the onX Offroad Build Challenge.

Parts that built the Rad Charger (links):
**Keep in mind, parts for this build were purchased roughly 4 months ago, prices may not match exactly to the prices I have quoted due to inflation, sales, product availabilty, etc.

From Barnes 4WD: Front 4-link, Steering Arms, Leaf Spring Mounts (

Poly Perfomance Shocks and springs 
Front Shocks:

Rear shocks:

Offroad Design 
Doubler Kit:

FiTech EFI: 

Additional links (not price applicable for build):
Swag Offroad:

Rigid Lights:

Rugged Radios: us Win HERE!!!

Onx Offroad link:

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